The esight Group


This is a subscription service that provides access to our consultants for a pre-selected number of hours per month.

When to use our Virtual Service:

  • You have constant deadlines and extra tasks to achieve in short time-frames and you need short bursts of extra assistance (i.e. a day or two per month) and you want the comfort in knowing a skilled resource who understands the pressures of your role is just a phone call away.
  • You want to bounce your ideas to a peer to critique, or you want a 2nd opinion on a report you are preparing.
  • In the event you take up this service, our hourly rate is reduced for additional hours or projects outside the scope of the VCIO service.


This Leadership Development Program is designed to help you better understand how you can be more effective as a leader regardless of your current role in the organisation.

Leadership is all about working with people to achieve a common objective. The content of this Program brings leadership perspectives from many different sources. This may appear confusing at first, but everyone has their own view of leadership, what they perceive as the key traits and principles that work for them. There is no one-size fits all formula for leadership. That said, all good leaders possess certain core qualities, and great leaders simply develop said core qualities to a higher level.  

Working through seven workshops, our Program will re-ignite the flame for existing leaders and add fuel to the growing frame for recently-appointed leaders, and they have over 300 pages of the Program content to keep as reference material. We place a strong focus on credibility, trust, and creating the right culture for your people to perform. A leader must first motivate his people and then maximise the benefits of the motivation to help ensure everyone performs at their highest level and enjoy doing so.


Today the success, or otherwise, of most businesses is tied to the capabilities and competencies of their information technology. Leading a company’s IT function requires a broad range of skills and experience. Gaining access to impartial and experienced advice is yet another tool to assist management in making sound and informed decisions. 

Given the importance of IT in today’s businesses, a mentoring service is a logical extension of the services offered by eSight. We understand the importance of trust and integrity in a mentoring relationship. We fully acknowledge that a person places their career aspirations in the hands of another and is not a step taken lightly.

What We Offer

This is a confidential result-based service that provides a series of one-on-one meetings for both experienced and new IT leaders and their management teams. We have all faced challenging situations in the past where we wanted not only help and guidance, but help and guidance from someone who has been there before and knows the terrain we are about to navigate.

The service is designed to help protégés express their ideas and concerns in a non-judgemental environment & leverage the experience of our mentor. Sometimes it just takes a simple “That’s an idea worth running with” confirmatory statement from the mentor. Other times it may need a “That’s a good idea, but have you thought of…” questioning statement.

This is what mentoring is all about; establishing a trusting relationship with a protégé & using the mentor’s experience and knowledge to provide the protégé with broader outlooks and more options to consider.

Our service provides ‘an experienced head’ to help your IT management navigate through the myriad of challenges in running your IT function. It frequently involves providing a different perspective on an issue, problem or opportunity. Like the Sherpa taking you on a Himalayan mountain trek, you need a trusted guide, who metaphorically knows:

  • What to pack for the journey (patience, tools, expertise). 
  • Where to get additional supplies (information, skills, opportunities, strategic alliances). 
  • How to make the journey a fruitful one (provide suggestion/recommendations). 
  • Which areas of the landscape to survey and areas to avoid (distraction from goals). 


Effective IT governance is the mechanism that allows IT to operate like a well-oiled machine with all of its parts (planning, risk management, performance management etc.) running smoothly and in synch with each other.

It provides a level of transparency to the organization that addresses their concerns about IT, such as:

  • The availability, security and continuity of IT services;
  • Costs and measurable returns on investments; Quality and reliability of service – no embarrassments;
  • IT not appearing to respond to the real needs of the business;
  • Identification and management of IT related risks to the business;
  • Capability and skills of human resources;
  • Compliance to legal, regulatory and contractual requirements; and Responsiveness and nimbleness to changing conditions.

What We offer

We offer our experience in all things IT and our experience as business leaders. We have developed a lot of material over the years that could greatly assist an organization in getting their IT governance to the appropriate level to address their needs.