The esight Group

Welcome to The eSight Group

We are a small IT consultancy that understands the challenges faced in running an IT operation and we thrive in helping IT leaders solve these challenges, whether they are strategic or operational.

We see three Key Success Factors in running any IT organisation:

1. Protect the basics (IT services that sustain the business, staff management, staff development and accountability, and project and cost disciplines;
2. Reduce complexity of processes, data and IT infrastructure; and
3. Explore innovative solutions to business initiatives

We believe the value add we offer our clients is centred on our three core service’s as illustrated in the diagram below.

Why these Three Services: Quiet simply, it all starts with leadership – have the right leadership in place and half the battle is won. The success of leadership revolves around two key principles:

1. Have the right strategy (strategic management) and
2. Execute the strategy well (operational management)

The IT function faces many challenges and we can think of at least ten influencers (see diagram below) that have a recurring impact on the workload of the IT department and prioritising the attention they receive is a constant challenge for IT leadership. Leading IT is a tough job; we know that it takes special people to be successful. And these people know when to put up their hand and say “we could benefit from an external opinion at the moment”.

Translated – they need an immediate infusion of knowledge and experience, quite often in short bursts.

They also know they do not need a lengthy engagement by a major consulting firm. They just need access to people who have the experience and knowledge on the challenges they face. That’s where the eSight Group come in.

We can assist you in most areas of IT, from helping the Leadership Team get on top of their workload through to helping with the myriad of strategic issues, to providing guidance on a range of IT Governance, Risk and Operational matters.

Our two consultants, Steve Pitt and Guy Light, each have over 30 years’ experience in the IT trenches and also in leading IT organisations in both the vendor space and as a client receiving services (in Australia and the US).